2022/09/08 DekTec新聞: 針對SMPTE2110優化的10GbE NIC介面卡...等

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10GbE NIC Optimized for SMPTE 2110

SRT Added to StreamXpress

StreamXpert Decoding Improvements

Zero-Copy in DekTec Matrix API® 2.0

BBright Integrates DekTec in its RMD

Latest DekTec Software Versions


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10GbE NIC Optimized for SMPTE 2110

The DTA-2110 is a standard 1GbE/10GbE network interface card (NIC) for Windows and Linux, with SFP+ slot and special hardware support for transmitting, receiving and analyzing streams according to the SMPTE 2110 standards. SMPTE 2022 streaming will also be accelerated. The card is integrated into FFmpeg so that tools such as ffplay can be used directly.

DTA-2110 - 10GbE NIC Optimized for SMPTE 2110

Suppose you want to develop a video-processing product with SMPTE 2110 video-over-IP interfaces (and possibly also audio and ANC). You could design your own hardware, but rest assured that it will be an ardeus effort that will likely exceed an ever-growing budget and result in an inflexible, difficult to manufacture and maintain solution.

If you can tolerate a few frames of latency there is a much simpler solution. Insert DekTec's new DTA-2110 in an (industrial) PC and with our famous user-friendly API you will have a working SMPTE 2110 setup within days! Programming a full-fledged solution is of course still a tough job, but you don't have to worry about the low-level SMPTE 2110 plumbing and PTP syncing issues, all of which is handled by the DTA-2110 and the DekTec SDK.

› General introduction of the DTA-2110 on the DekTec website


SRT Added to StreamXpress

SRT is a transport protocol for reliable transmission of digital-TV streams over unpredictable networks. It uses packet re-transmission but still maintains low latency. The upcoming release of StreamXpress adds stream playback via SRT and enables users to observe and debug the SRT connection process.

› Full article on SRT integration in StreamXpress



StreamXpert Decoding Improvements

StreamXpert just received a major under-the-hood update in the form of a modern 64-bit architecture, the latest FFmpeg decoders, and an optimized video-rendering pipeline. Decoding of HEVC 422 10b video has also been added. Taken together, these improvement result in a major performance boost, so that StreamXpert now easily decodes all common video standards and formats, including 4K video.

The table below shows the CPU load differences between the previous StreamXpert version 2.16.2 and the latest version 2.17.1 for a Core i7 4470 CPU with on-board GPU:

 CPU load on 4th generation Core i7
StreamXpert v2.16.2StreamXpert v2.17.1
AVC HD 422 10b 50fps28%15%
HEVC 4K 420 8b 30fps65%, video artefacts45%
HEVC 4K 420 10b 50fps90%, video artefact80%

Note: Results for more modern CPUs, e.g. 11th generation Intel Core i7 CPUs, will be even better. For example, on these CPUs decoding of HEVC 4K 10b 420 50fps video will result in a CPU load of only ~50%.



Zero-Copy in DekTec Matrix API® 2.0

The current version of DekTec Matrix API 2.0 reads SDI data from e.g. the DTA-2174B, performs pixel conversions and writes the result to a Frame buffer in host memory. The user application reads the video data from this buffer. To eliminate the "Matrix API writes to frame buffer, user reads" step, the latest version of the Matrix API provides pointers directly into a DMA buffer containing the video data.

Zero-Copy by directly reading video from DMA buffer

When reading or writing 4K UHD video with the Matrix API, the new Zero-Copy feature saves about 20Gbit/s of memory bandwidth. This is a significant portion of the total available PC memory bandwidth, which can be put to good use for other purposes.

› Full technical article about Zero-Copy in Matrix API 2.0



BBright Integrates DekTec in its Remote Monitoring Decoder

BBright is an example of a DekTec customer that integrates DekTec PCIe cards in several products, for example in its new video monitoring solution, the RMD. The RMD supports decoding and analysis of all common video (from SD to UHD) and audio formats, as well as their metadata, and can then stream the analysis results over IP for remote viewing.

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Latest DekTec Software Versions

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StreamXpertReal-Time Stream Analyzer
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